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802, 2018

A Doggie Step Stool

This little girl thought her Chesapeake Bay Retriever would make a good doggie step stool to help her climb into the chair. You can learn more about me including my friends in my new book. Love, Jackie P.S., I help kids become better people by becoming princesses of the heart—who are good, kind, and brave. About Jackie Princess Jackie, Her Highness the Dogginess is a [...]

2203, 2017

Daisy’s Long Day

The day started like any other day, really. I woke up warm and curled up in my doggie bed at the foot of my parents bed and had I know just how wild it would get I might not have left it. The morning was like any other and swooshed by like a blurry toy. Eat, walk, bark at my friend the mail carrier. [...]

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