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Princess Jackie, Her Highness the Dogginess, can help you become a better person in her new book.

Jackie is a real, little white dog who loves everyone. Based on true stories as told through Jackie’s own voice, Jackie will share tales about becoming a princess of the heart—someone who is good, kind, and brave. Jackie was named Princess Jackie, Her Highness the Dogginess, not because she was born into a royal family or wears fancy dresses, but because she acts like a princess by being good and kind to everyone she meets. Many dream of being a princess, but anyone can be—simply by being pretty on the inside and having a kind and loving heart.

Jackie will also share tales about being a true friend, and what it is like to live with such a sweet and playful dog. As humankind’s best friend, Jackie teaches about true friendship. And as a fun loving dog, Jackie entertains with her daily adventures.

Kids will enjoy it because they can easily relate to, and learn from, a little white dog; parents will enjoy it because they have a tool to teach morals, values, and ethics; and animal lovers of all ages will enjoy it because they can experience Jackie’s entertaining antics.

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