Princess Jackie teaches about morals, dogs, and friendship.


To raise children into strong adults, we must pay attention to children’s hearts as well as their minds. Princess Jackie’s book is dedicated to teaching kids about being good, kind and brave—or a “princess of the heart.” Princess Jackie teaches morals and ethics through the example of a little white dog—something which kids can easily relate to and learn through while having fun.

Kids read about Jackie saying, “Remember: princesses of the heart are good and kind to everyone.” Also, kid’s can see Jackie struggling with hardship yet overcoming her obstacles by being brave and smart.

As one parent told us,

“Your book helps me teach my kids about the things that I have been trying to tell them.”


Jackie is a real dog. Her book includes many real facts about dogs so kids are educated as to the many interesting facets of dogs including, for example, why their noses are wet. Kids also learn about what dogs like to do as Jackie talks about her favorite activities like chasing squirrels and taking car rides.


As humankind’s best friend, Jackie is uniquely positioned to teach kids about friendship. In today’s world of mean girls and bullies, Jackie’s book can be used as a teaching tool to show kids an alternative to being unkind by being a true friend.

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