At the age of only five months old, Jackie, a cute little white puppy, was adopted by her parents, Darlene and Michael Miller. Because Darlene and Michael soon realized that Jackie had such a wonderful heart and loved everyone she met, they began writing Jackie’s stories based on real events in their lives and published Jackie’s first book at the end of 2017.

Jackie appeals to readers on three levels:

Jackie is a princess of the heart

Jackie was named Princess Jackie, Her Highness the Dogginess, not because she was born into a royal family or wears fancy dresses, but because she acts like a princess by being good and kind to everyone she meets. Many dream of being a princess, but anyone can be simply by being pretty on the inside and having a kind, loving and brave heart.

Today, parents are as concerned about children’s hearts as well as their minds. Princess Jackie’s book is dedicated to teaching kids about being good, kind and brave, which is someone who is a “princess of the heart.” Princess Jackie teaches morals and ethics through the example of a little white dog—something which kids can easily relate to and learn from while having fun.

As one parent told us,

“Your book helps me teach my kids about the things that I have been trying to tell them.”

Jackie is a real dog

As a fun and playful dog, Jackie entertains with her daily adventures.

Jackie differentiates herself from dogs in other children’s books because Jackie is a real dog and not a fictional character. Jackie’s social media videos and photos fully show her real life from having fun adventures around town, to styling her hair into different “do’s,” and even to a special holiday video where she helps kids understand the joy of giving to others in need. Jackie also has a real loving family, which kids enjoy reading and learning about.

As many children have told us,

“I want to read about a real dog.”

Jackie is a friend

As humankind’s best friend, Jackie is uniquely positioned to teach kids about true friendship.

Jackie’s book can be used as a teaching tool to show kids how to be a true friend.

Darlene’s personal testimony while growing up with her childhood dog and cat is that the love and support of a pet, who is a caring best friend, surrounds and strengthens a child’s heart enabling them to better face the challenges of the world.

Kids, parents, and animal lovers of all ages enjoy her book.

Kids will enjoy it because they can easily relate to, and learn from, a little white dog; parents will enjoy it because they have a tool to teach morals, values, and ethics; and animal lovers of all ages will enjoy it because they can experience Jackie’s entertaining antics in the real world.

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