At the age of only five months old, Jackie was adopted by her parents, Darlene and Michael Miller.

Darlene and Michael soon realized that Jackie had such a wonderful heart and loved everyone she met. They named her Princess Jackie, Her Highness the Dogginess, and began to share Jackie’s tale, of becoming a princess of the heart—someone who is good, kind, brave, and a true friend. Her stories, based on true events, show what it is like to live with Princess Jackie, a sweet and playful dog.

I am a Princess of the Heart 

My momma and daddy named me Princess Jackie, Her Highness the Dogginess. They did not name me that because I was born into a royal family or wear fancy dresses, but because I act like a princess by being good and kind to everyone I meet. Many dream of being a princess, but anyone can be—simply by being pretty on the inside and having a kind and loving heart.

I am a Real Dog 

The stories in my book are based on my real life with my momma and daddy in California. We are a loving family and enjoy being together. I especially like when we go for a walk in the park near our home.

I am a Friend 

Dogs love people and are called humankind’s best friend. We all need friends, including me. My days are filled with having fun and adventures with my pals, my momma, and my daddy.

Darlene & Michael

Darlene knew at an early age that she loved animals. She inherited her love of animals from her father who treated their family dog, Wags, as one of his children. Later when Darlene married Michael, she brought to the marriage her two best friends, Jake and Hobie, her beloved cats who had been with her for 16 years. However, Darlene had never seen anyone as allergic to cats as Michael, but Michael loved Darlene so Michael knew that they would find a way to live together. Even with baby gates restricting the cats to certain rooms, Michael still lived with itchy eyes and a runny nose until the cats passed on a few years later. Afterwards, Darlene’s heart ached for another “little friend,” and so several years later, together Michael and Darlene started searching for a dog and eventually adopted Jackie.

Jackie is Darlene and Michael’s only child—primarily because Darlene and Michael met late in life. Darlene was 46 years old, and Michael was 52 years old. They wanted to apply to the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest couple who married for the first time without prior marriages or children. Their wedding invitation read, “In our 20’s, our families thought that each person we dated might be the one. In our 30’s, anytime we mentioned the opposite sex, a flicker of hope rekindled in them. In our 40’s, they wrote us off saying that we would never get married. Now after a lifetime of looking, we are saying, I do.” Waiting a lifetime for each other paid off in a big way since they both have the marriage of their dreams.

Darlene and Michael created the family they have today when they adopted Jackie, who continues to fill their lives with joy. Darlene and Michael realized that they wanted to share Jackie’s true stories of kindness, bravery, and friendship in the hope that Jackie can warm the hearts of others as well. Animals have a lot they can teach people, and Jackie has taught Darlene and Michael a lot. Darlene and Michael hope you enjoy Jackie’s stories based on real events in their lives.

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